Personal Lies

Quick answer these questions! How fit are you? How much money do you make? Are you good at your jog? Do you like your job? Now, think back on those questions. Did you lie to any of them?

Your brain has to chose who to believe, but above all people it chooses to believe you. Your brain will believe you more than it will believe its self. That is why you mustn’t lie to yourself no matter what.

Did you know that if you say the same thing over and over, you will believe it. If you have the best day ever, but say it was the worst day ever, you might believe it. If you say that you are the worst,¬† you might believe it. If you say that you don’t need to work because you are so good at what you do, you might believe it. The point is that the things we say, can change the way we think. Words and thoughts are incredibly powerful and can change your life. Some people believe in complete positive thinking, while others believe in only hatred. What you think, shapes your personality.

The most common lie that people tell themselves is that they don’t have to work. People tell themselves that it will get done its self, you’ll get it done later, or that you already did it. Some people tell themselves that they are already doing it when they’re not. For a long time, I told myself that I am getting work done every day, all day and that it the way it should be, but the truth is, that isn’t true. Eventually, I learned that I was lying and made my life much easier. That’s right, after lying for a long time, I forgot that it was a lie and actually believed it!

That is why some author suggest not sharing that you’re making a new book until it is done because if you tell, you may trick your brain into thinking that it is done. Your brain gets the same happy feeling when you tell of your book, as when someone reads it.

The point is that you mustn’t lie because lying can ruin your life. Take my advise, please!



No Post Today :(

I won’t be able to make a post today because I haven’t made one ahead of time, and my computer will be occupied all day. I won’t have enough time to write one and I am very sorry for that. ūüė¶

The Reward of Failure

What do you think when you see a professional or world champion. What do you think when you see a rich or famous person? Do you think about how lucky he is, or do you think about how much work he put into becoming who he is? Now a days, people seem to think that success is up to luck and chance. People seem to think that success is not a choice made by you, but a chance made by destiny. The truth is that success is up to you, and you need to chose whether your going to do it or not.

There is a thing called cause and effect, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. Although you might know what cause ad effect is, you need to know what it¬†means¬†and when it is used. Many of the common answers to what cause and effect is, are things like “cause and effect is when one thing causes another to happen”. Those answers are true, but they don’t mean much to you. To most people that is simply another thing you learn is school or another fun fact, but the truth is that if you want to achieve success, you should learn more about it.

The way I explain it is that cause and effect is when you do work and you get an outcome. Almost nothing is actually up to luck. If you want to achieve success you need to find what work you need to put in. You need to know what to do, and then to actually do it. You need to get off your butt, and get some work done. From now on, when you look at a successful man or woman, you think about how much work they do and how impressive it is that they did it all. Then after looking at someone else, look at yourself and imagine you achieve success. Finally, and most importantly, turn your imagination into you life and become the person you imagined.

It is as easy as one, two, three! All you have to do to achieve success, is work and never give up. Think of life like a huge bike ride. In the beginning, you can’t ride your bike, then you use your training wheels, who resemble your parents when you are a child, next you take them off and try to bike all by yourself. The thing is that you are going to crash though! You are going to want to give up, but must chose not to. This is talked over in “Courage”, which is another post I made that you should check out.

The main question is, “Why didn’t you give up?”. There is one very good answer to this question. The main reason people don’t give up, is because they don’t want to be a failure. If you are on a soccer team and you are almost never getting to play because you suck at the game, you might go home and practice until you become the world champion! Many successful people say that they desired to work and not give up, because they didn’t want to suck or be losers.

Now however, there are many things blocking people from feeling this way. People now get participation trophies and ceremonies for moving up a single grade! Now they get a pat on the back if they fail! Because of this, people don’t feel like they suck and don’t try to change it. They are told they they did great and are awesome because they arrived to the game. People now get the reward of failure.

People need to be taught that there is a regret in failing. People need to be taught that there is a consequence. People need to be taught not to lose. People need to be taught to practice for a win. People need to be taught to work for a chance of success.

God’s Grass | Second Place

Do you remember my talk about responsibility and how the main thing that everybody wants in life is happiness. If you didn’t, then you should definitely go back a read it, but if you did then sit back and enjoy this post.

Everybody wants to be happy. One of the main ways to become happy is to achieve your goals. Everyone has goals and want to complete them a more then almost anything. You could also call your goals, your dreams. Ether way, goals and dreams are what are on your must do list and are very much wanted to be completed.

What if you don’t complete your goals though? What if you simply can’t do it? It’s simple, if you can’t complete your goals, you have the wrong goals. Although you can’t always control whether you complete your goals, you can control what your goals are.

You might think that your dreams are your dreams, your goals are your goals, and you can’t just change what you want most, and while that is true, there is a difference from wanting something because it’s your dream, and wanting something because of greed. Let’s imagine somebody wants to be an artist. They dream of becoming the number one artist in the world. They want it more then anything. They work and work until he the third best artist in the world according to public reviews. After even more drawing he still can’t become number one and complete his dream. He grows in anger from no completion and failure until he realizes, there is no reason to become the best artist in the world and all he wanted deep down inside was to be a great, famous artist. So, he changed his goals and had already completed it.

You don’t need to be the best. You need to set reasonable goals so that you can complete them and grow happy. Some people even make multiple small goals that way they continue to grow happy.

One way to think of the world, is like a field of grass.When you look at multiple blades of grass, you can see that some blades of grass are taller then others. If you think of the grass as people’s success chart, you can see that some people are successful than others. That doesn’t matter though. Even if you are the smallest blade in the field, you are still real grass, unlike the short fake grass I have in my back yard. You are real, successful, and pure. You may not be the most best, but you are still successful. What is better is that you are always growing, unlike fake grass, you never stop.

Remember to come back next Wednesday! Bye!



What do we all want in life? What is our goal? While some of us may answer that with things like, “All I want is to help my heavenly father, the lord God” or “All I want is to give my children the best life they can possibly have”, the truth is that all of us¬†want¬†to be happy. Maybe we do want to help other people, but that is what you want for¬†other¬†people. What you want for yourself is happiness.

Why do you think that people want lots of money? Do you think it’s so they can give it all away to charity? They want the money because they think it will give them happier lives. They think that the number one cause of happiness, is entertainment. People want to money to purchase many games and other things that entertain them. They want to buy entertainment for themselves. When they were just a little kid you learned that entertainment brings happiness. Ever since they¬†learned that as a kid, they have believed in it ever since.

Most of the time, the people that want money the most, don’t get it. The people that¬† want money like it’s a chocolate cake, are instead given low money like a bucket of broccoli. Just like how cake is bad for you, money can be too. The reason the people that the people that chase after money don’t get any, is because they will get the greed sickness and won’t use the money wisely. Just like how a bucket of broccoli is good for you, low money can be too! If you have low money, you learn to become a better person.

People who want money too much, don’t work. They want money, but don’t put time into getting it. They want the money/cake so bad that they get lazy/fat just from thinking about it. People who don’t act like animals, work hard and get the money that they want. The people who don’t act like animals however, don’t want the money that much, they only want to be happy. They use positive thinking to grow in happiness and get work done at the same time.

Even with out money, the civilized people are happy. How do they do it? How are they always so happy? They have positive thinking and things like that, but what they have most of all, is responsibility. I don’t mean the responsibility to take care of a pet, I mean the responsibility to blame themselves. They never blame anyone else for their actions. In ever situation they tell themselves “This is my fault.” Even in situations where it isn’t their fault like when an earth quake hits, they still take responsibility. They take responsibility because the number one cause of unhappiness, is hatred/the need for revenge. When you are mad at something else, you get to one of the highest levels of anger possible.

If you want to be happy and live the best life possible, listen to me now. You need responsibility. If you blame something or someone else for something bad that happened, you will begin living a dreadful life. So, be responsible, and come back to by blog next Saturday because, I will post on this blog every Wednesday and Saturday. Bye!

The Need For Courage

We all need courage. Most of us need courage more than we realize, assume that  courage is over rated, or only in the movies, but the truth is that courage is very important and should be used every day. Although you may not use courage in your life currently, if your want to achieve your dream life, you will need courage. Courage is what picks you up when your on the ground, it keeps you moving instead of fearing failure.

When I talk about courage I mean¬†real¬†courage. There is a big difference between the courage to eat another slice of cake when your feeling sick, or crossing into private property when you know you shouldn’t, then the courage to get out of our bed when your know you’ll have a rough day. When you have the “courage” to do bad things and disobey your gut, is not real courage, but is what I like to call “corrupt courage”. Corrupt courage is simply disobedience and betrayal to your body. Corrupt courage is when you ignore your gut and your mind and instead act for your own entertainment. You do whatever you want to do and then blame it on courage by saying that you were just being courageous. When your gut is telling you not to do something, or your stomach is telling you not too eat more cake, you need to listen to those feelings in order to make the right decision.

When I say courage, I am talking about the type of courage that keeps you moving. Let’s imagine you want to become fit and you claim you can’t do it. You try to go on a diet and exercise, but give up every time. What you need is courage. If you are on a treadmill, and you are tired and about to give up, you have to make the decision that will change your out come. You can give up and remain out of shape and dream of becoming fit every day, or you can use courage to keep running and become one step closer to becoming the person of your dreams.

Everyone will need courage for different reasons. Some people may need courage to become a engineer, artist, or almost anything. For example, in my journey to become a book author, I will get many rejections to my books and I will need the courage to continue writing even though I was rejected.

We need courage, it keeps us going and leads us to success. We need to listen to our gut and work for what we want. You will get rejected, you will fail, and you will get tired, but it is your choice to stay or leave, to follow your dreams or not, and to succeed or fail. In the determination of if you succeeded or failed, it will be undermanned by if you followed your gut, had courage, and did some other things that I will talk about in future posts. For now enjoy your week and have courage. Bye!

God’s Grass | Introduction

Before I begin, I want to inform you that this is not a theory video script, or at all related to theories. This is instead, a new type of blog post. This is a blog post where I just talk about things that I think you might want to read. These types of blog posts are focused on teaching you. I hope that from the blog posts I will be posting from here on out, will teach you many things. In this post I am here to teach you a bit about success and how to achieve it.¬†You don’t however, have to listen to anything I say. I haven’t achieved success in life, I haven’t become the man of my dreams, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I have learned many things from talks and books, and now I wan’t to teach you the things that I have learned, and today I will teach you, by using grass.

Grass is one of the first things to appear on land. It covers most of the ground’s surface, causing the ground to sometimes seem green. Often there is so much beautiful¬† grass covering the ground, that you can’t see the brown dirt under it. Grass came straight from God, and is more alike to you then you might think. As weird as it may sound, the green lines that grow from the ground, that is known as grass, is very alike to you.

As I mentioned, grass was made directly by God. It was made by God in the same way that that we were made directly by God. Both the grass and us, were made directly by god, which marks the first similarity, in the same way that when the first evening passed and the first morning came, marks the first day.

Another similarity, is that grass was grown from the ground. The grass starts in the dirt, then it grows high above it and turns into the green grass we all know and love. Just as grass grows from the ground, humans came from the dust.

Genesis 2:7 of the Bible says, “Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.”

As you can see there are some similarities between us and the grass. I know what you’re thinking though.

You’re thinking that, “So what if both the grass and me were made directly by God and came from the ground. It’s not like it matters.” and you are you are right.

Although these facts aren’t important, there are others that are. There are tons of similarities between us and the grass, but instead of the others being about things that aren’t very helpful or important, the other facts are things that you can learn from and have a better future because you know them. If you listen to the other facts, you will learn a lot about what to do to ensure that you live a happy future. In later posts, I will tell you about the many other facts, but next time, they will be helpful.

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked the post, and if you did, please like the post and of course follow my site if you are crazy and haven’t all ready. If you some how didn’t like the post, tell me in the comments what I could do to make my posts better. Remember to return to my blog to see more crazy things! I hope you return! Bye!