The Beginning of the Dish and the Spoon Chapter 4 and 5

Chapter 4 Santa Claus!

After school Spoon brought Dish to a drawer full of Spoons. “This is where I live,” Spoon said. Spoon walked over to another drawer and opened it. “And this is where you live,” Spoon said, “Well we better go to bed. Good night!” Dish replied, “Good night.”
So, Dish and Spoon went to bed. It was December 25. Dish and Spoon woke up and went to the gingerbread house but, when they got there, a big fat hole was in the roof. “What happened?” Dish asked. “It’s December 25.” Bowl continued, “Every year on December 24th, at night, a big man comes and gives all the humans presents, takes a bite of our gingerbread house, leaves a note, then finally he leaves out the chimney.” “What are we going to do?” Dish asked. “We will need to fix the house.” Bowl continued, “Since we don’t we don’t have a place to do school you can all take a break until we finish fixing the house.” Then a little girl came running in the room. So, Dish, Spoon, and Bowl hid in fear. She looked at the gingerbread house and smiled. “Santa came! Santa came,” she yelled with excitement. Then a chef came in the room. “Daddy, daddy look,” she said to the chef while pointing to the gingerbread house. “Santa came,” she said again. “That’s great,” the chef continued, “Let’s go tell mom.” “Sure,” the little girl replied. So, they both left the room.

Chapter 5 The Flumper

Now that Dish doesn’t have to go to the gingerbread house, Dish gets to have some fun. “So, what do you do for fun?” Dish asked.
“Well, there’s a flumper in the other room,” Spoon replied. “A flumper, what’s a flumper?” Dish asked. “Let me show you,” Spoon replied. Fork then went towards a big wood door that was made for humans. However, the door was too heavy for Dish and Spoon to open. “How are we going to open the door?” Dish asked. “We’re not. We’re going to open that door,” Fork answered while pointing towards a door just Dish and Spoon’s size! Spoon entered a room. The room had a big and beautiful Christmas tree. In the Room the walls were blue like the sky on a sunny day. The ceiling was a high as a human and a half! “What’s that?” Dish asked, while he pointed at the Christmas tree. “That is a flumper,” Spoon replied. “Let’s go,” Spoon said with excitement as Spoon ran over to the flumper while Dish followed. Once they arrived there was a bunch of stairs. Dish looked at the stairs in terror. “And this is the catch,” Spoon said. Dish and Spoon made it to the top tired and happy that they were finally at the top. They were panting as loud as a lion. “Finally,” Dish said. Once they got to the top there was a huge line. After about 20 minutes it was finally their turn. “Here I’ll show you how to do it,” Spoon said. Spoon then went down like you would with a slide except Spoon bounced down the leaves of the tree.
“That looks fun,” Dish thought. So, Dish sat down and rode his way down but every time he hit one of the leaves it hurt his bottom. Until finally he made it to the bottom. Dish looked forward and saw Spoon standing in front of him “Let’s go again,” Spoon said. “Sure,” Dish said. So, Spoon went to the flumper and Dish followed.


The Beginning of the Dish and the Spoon Chapter 3

Chapter 3 School

Now Dish has a friend named Spoon. Dish and Spoon were in the sink when a man picked Dish and Spoon up and set them down on a Dishrack. Then a bell rang. After the bell rang Spoon got up and started walking. “Where are you going?” Dish asked. “To school of course,” Spoon said. “You herd that bell right.” Dish nodded. Spoon continued, “Every time that bell rings we need to go to that gingerbread house.”
Spoon pointed at a big building made from nothing but candy! The walls were gingerbread, the roof had gumdrops decorating them, and the chimney had frosting all over it! The building had 4 chimneys and 6 windows on each side of the building. Dish and Spoon went to the front and saw that the door was a big beautiful door. The door looked like it was a door for a ginger bread man. Once Dish and Spoon went in they saw a bunch of kitchenware sitting in seats but there was a bowl in there that was standing holding a piece of chalk in front of a chalk board. “Hello, I am Bowl what’s your name?” the Bowl said to a Fork standing to Dishes left. Then a Fork said, “My name is Fork.” So, Bowl said, “ Fork you can sit right there,” as bowl pointed at a chair made of Hershey and KitKats. “This will be fun,” Dish said to himself. However, Dish was wrong and after about an hour Dish was bored, hoping he was almost finished. After about 6 hours, Dish was finished. “See you tomorrow,” Bowl said.

Kindergarten the Game

Hello, and welcome to this post. I have decided to make this post about a game that has become very popular in the last couple of weeks. I am making this post for no real reason except for the fact that I just want to make more posts. I want you to always be able to come to my blog and be entertained by a new post. So, let’s begin.

Kindergarten as everybody knows is where people 5 or 6 years old go for education. However, in the game Kindergarten there is a lot more going on. In Kindergarten you are a new kid and half the people there are obsessed with killing.

You start the game with $5 in your piggy bank. If you bring more then $3 to kindergarten then a bully sniffs and smells the money. Then he forces you to give him halve and if you don’t then he kills you. Even though the teacher is right there and sees him kill you, the teacher acts like she didn’t see anything.

Also, in Kindergarten the game there is a creepy janitor. The janitor is both insane and stupid! In the beginning of the game the janitor tries to sweep the sidewalk with a mop! If you tell the janitor what he is doing he will kill you! Then later in the game the janitor spells biscuit wrong and if you tell him he will kill you or whoever you claim said he spelled biscuit wrong.

You can also befriend characters in the game. You can also kill characters. So, that is some of the basic things about the new game that got very popular very quickly.

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My Week

Hello, and welcome to another post. I am so happy you can join me as I talk about my week. I know I’ve had a great week and I would like to know how yours was too. So, let me know about your week in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear all about your week.

Half the stuff I did this week you should already know by my other posts. If you haven’t seen my other posts, it is okay because I am going to talk about everything I did this week including what I already made a post about. However, I won’t give as much detail as I will in y other posts. So, if you want more detail read my other posts.

To begin why don’t I talk about what I did first. Now I can’t really remember last Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. However, I do remember most things after that. On Wednesday I had my first baseball meeting. I had never played baseball before so, it was very exiting. I had always wanted to play baseball, but it always overlapped with other stuff. It’s a baseball camp. So, after this I will have a lot more experience. When I got there I had no idea what was going on. Everybody there seemed to already be friends. All accept for on boy. One boy wasn’t already playing catch with the other kids. That boy reminded me of myself. Not knowing what to do. The boy’s father was there too and the boy’s father was very good at baseball. So, he was able to teach me how to catch with a glove. So, then I got to play catch at the start.

After free time was over. We had to practice catching. They acted as if everyone wasn’t already doing that. So, after the teacher did he talk on how to properly catch and throw a ball. Then everybody continued catching. Then at the end as you would expect we took turns batting.

Also, on some day last week I got all 6 books in the Gamenight999 series. I don’t remember what day it was. I already read book 1. So, now I’m on book 2. Book 2 is called “The Battle For The Nether”. The first book was called “Invasion Of The Overworld”. The first book was 117-170 pages long. I don’t remember. The second book is 311 pages long. The books are considered novels I think. All the books are Minecraft based. They are about a boy who was entered into the game Minecraft. The boy then has to battle monsters found in the game to save the world.

I also had swimming lessons on Tuesday and Thursday, but I don’t have much to say about that. I was going to have a baseball game on Saturday, but my couch never got a time. So, it was canceled. I also drew a ton of pictures and made a new game I can play with my brother on paper. For more information see my other post “My Best Drawings Of The Week”. Last, but not least I played a ton of baseball in my back yard with my brother Maverick.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to end it here so I can go to the beach today. Bye.

Best Drawings of the Week!

Hi, today I’m going to show you all the drawings I’ve drew this week. I’ve been drawing as much as I could to make a ton of cool drawings for you. I will have a picture of every drawing and I will also explain every drawing.



Our first picture is called Basketball as you would expect. This is a picture of basketball. I didn’t know what to draw at all. So, it took me a long time to chose to draw a picture of basketball. The main reason I wanted too draw basketball is I wanted to try to glue the basketball onto the picture! I ended up doing that. I also wanted to make it look like the guy on the left was jumping. It was very hard doing that because I had to make shadows in order to do it.

4 In 1 


Next we have a picture that is actually 4 pictures! This is a picture of a village. What I did was I cut one piece of paper into 4 pieces. I drew this picture with my brother Maverick. I drew the bottom left and the top right. While my brother drew the bottom right and the top left. Maverick says that the bottom right is a farm, but I think that a farm looks a lot different then that. In my pictures I didn’t feel like drawing a ton of houses. So, I just drew a couple, but I made crazy things happening. As you can see Maverick made a ton of houses on the top left.



Here we have a round of Chaos I played. Chaos is a game I made myself. The way to play Chaos is very cool. In Chaos you must first build a house and a builder. Every window a house has is a person that lives in that house. A house doesn’t count unless it is connected to the road. You can make characters that battle, you can make archers, and you can make builders. If you are playing with another player then you can go to their town and destroy it. You can make hospitals too. after 15 seconds you can heal one player if you are in your village. You can’t make more players then you have windows. You want to try to make your town as beautiful as possible also. You can also make walls that can only be destroyed by bombs, bombs, science houses, army houses, and chests. In this picture you can see that I made an amazing base!

Chaos 2!!! 


This is another amazing game of Chaos except with different rules! This is Chaos Free-For-All! In this game you can make anything as long as it is in real life and you have the things you would need. In this round Maverick and I traded guys so, I have some of Mavericks guys on my wall. I put my archers on my wall so, Mavericks melee guys can’t get my archers, but the archers can get them! This was a crazy round as you can imagine. We ended up making men with canons and remote controlled planes with canons!

So, these were all the drawing I drew this week. I hope you enjoyed.

The Beginning of the Dish and the Spoon Chapter 1 and 2

Hello, and welcome to the first post about my story “The Beginning of the Dish and the Spoon”. I will be posting a little bit of this story every week. Since some of the chapters are short. I will sometimes post more then one chapter in one post like today. I had my book revised by myself and my grandmother Kerry. So, without further ado lets begin.

Chapter 1 The Things you don’t know

You’ve heard of “Hey Diddle Didle.” It’s a famous story but do you ever wonder how the Dish and the Spoon are alive or how the cow jumped over the moon? Well I am going to tell you how, and in this book, we are going to talk about the Dish and the Spoon. Once upon a time in 1990 there was a restaurant called Zeporde (Z-ee-por-de) run by a man named Roto. Roto is a human. What is a human you ask? Humans are like sticks. They have 4 stick like things attached to them. They call their sticks arms and legs. They also have a ball at the top of them which they call a head. Humans also think they know more than they do. They don’t even know I am alive! Who am I you ask? I am a Dish. Humans eat food off me. My friend Fork knows a girl called Toilet. Fork says that the humans are horribly rude to toilet. The things that the humans do to toilet are so disgusting that I probably shouldn’t talk about it.

Chapter 2 Welcome to Zeporde

Dish was born in a factory. Everywhere Dish looked there were more Dishes. Dish was born on moving ground. The ground moved him into a truck. As soon as dish was put into the truck, the truck started to move. Eventually the truck stopped. Dish was carried out of the truck. Dish could see a big building up ahead. At the top of the building there was a big word that said Zeporde. Around the word there were bright and colorful flashing lights that seemed to be going the pattern red,
orange, blue, green! Dish was taken into the building. Then Dish was brought to a human. “Thank you,” The human said kindly. The man brought Dish to a kitchen. In the kitchen, there were men cutting things in halves using knives. Every time the humans would chop something they would hurt the knives. Dish was worried. One of the men then grabbed Dish and put Dish and a Spoon in a sink together. “Hey, you might want to close your eyes and mouth” the Spoon said. So, Dish did what he was told to do and just after that water started falling on Dish! Then a man cleaned Dish first, scrubbing Dish with a sponge, then spraying Dish with some water again, Finally the man grabbed a towel and dried dish off! Dish said “, Thank you.” Spoon replied, “Your welcome.” So, Dish and Spoon became friends.

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via Daily Prompt: Volume

Hi, and  welcome to my post about today’s daily prompt: volume. Volume is another word for space basically. Volume is very often measured. Volume is the space that something takes up. If you have a truck with a volume of 50 inches then you can fit 2 boxes that have a volume of 25 inches. It can be very hard to measure volume. The most popular way of measuring volume is with square inches, square feet, and square yards.

Volume can also mean how loud a noise is. If something has a high volume that can mean that it is very loud. When you are listening to some music and you cant hear the music you increase the volume. If you are watching a movie and the movie is too loud you might decrease the volume.

So, that is all for my post on today’s daily prompt: volume. If you enjoyed this and want me to do more daily prompts then like the post and let me know in the comments.

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