Why we laugh at others pain

Hello I have noticed that everyone laughs at others pain. I am not saying I don’t and that everyone else should stop I laugh too but I have done some research on why we laugh . 

I found this video on YouTube and you might of laughed and might have not that video was not a good example but the point is we laugh at others pain.

There are two reasons why we laugh at pain. The first is mostly about why kids laugh at pain it is mostly because kids are exposed to violence in fact children can get a thirst for violent images. Children can be exposed to violence from cartoons. So when someone gets hurt it just seems so cruel so children laugh but luckily that violence tends to fade away. I am not saying children are cruel and will do bad things but just a little violence can make these video funny. For example if you have seen Hotel Transylvania 2 when the cartoon character starts getting hurt the little boy starts feeling bad for the cartoon character but the older kids laugh. It’s because the older kids have more violence then the little kid.

The other reason is that in the videos they stop the video before you can see them in pain or if  they get really hurt they end it before they go to the hospital. If they showed him or her going to the hospital the video suddenly would not befunny.

So really what is going on is we laugh at people getting hurt but we don’t laugh at the consequences.


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