Television logic

Hello I have been doing some more research but this time I have been researching about movies and why some are so interesting. If you have ever seen a movie you know that some are good and some are bad but what is it that makes some movies so interesting.

There are many different kinds of movies first let’s talk about adventure movies. Adventure movies are interesting because it brings you to a new world it let’s you experience cool things. Some can even help you realize how little we know about the world. Now not all adventure movies will help you learn about the world but most of them will take you to cool positions. Take for example Alice in wonderland there are so many cool things like a cake that makes you grow that was such a cool idea or card characters. When they add things like that it takes you to a whole new world.

So that was why we like adventure movies but what about horror movies. This is a bit more complicated now some people don’t like horror movies and some do. Now the first question is would your heart increase the same amount if you were watching a murder chasing someone in a movie then you actually being chased by a murder the answer is no. Obviously if a murder was chasing you you would be more scared then if you saw a murder in a movie and that brings us to the answer of why some people like horror movies. It is because they like the emotions some people like there emotions being shook around and some don’t.

So that is why people like movies I will be making a post every Wednesday. I will also be posting on my youtube channel every Wednesday so click this link to my youtube channel


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