Television logic part 2

Hello  If you remember last week I talked about movies and why they entertain us today we are going to talk about video games and why they entertain us.

So first let’s talk about hard games now hard games some people like and some don’t the reason some people like hard games. Hard games can bring such a challenge you can do so much sitting on your but pushing buttons on a remote.

Online games are very popular because you can try to beat you friends and it just gets you that excitement in your head you start thinking I am totally going to beat my friend.

Offline games are fun because when you play against some computers you  can memorize what they are going to do. Some computers don’t always do the same thing but the fun for those computers is that you can normally set there difficulty and that is fun because you can set yourself a challenge for example your challenge might be to start at easy and defeat all the difficulties.

Horror games are fun because if you saw part 1 you know that some people like it because the emotions it is the same reason for games the only difference is that it scars you even more because you now get to play as character being hunted.

Last let’s talk about popular games. Now there are a lot of popular games but first I am going to talk about Flappy Bird. I don’t like Flappy Bird but it is popular because you can’t not tell your friends about it it is hard not to say “In Flappy Bird I got a score of 52 I bet you can’t beat that” to you friends. Then we have minecraft and Terraria now these game are almost the same so they have the same reason to why they are popular now in the games you can build anything there is literally no end to what you can build speaking of no end there is no end to the game you can play forever.

So that is it for this post if you missed part one don’t forget to check that out.


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