I am back!!!

Hello you might be surprised to see this post. Why would I say that? The answer is because I have not made a post in a while. I have not made a post probably because I have forgotten about this blog but that is going to change. Lately some exiting stuff has been happening and I have got to play some fun game if you want to see some of these fun games click this link to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU3bkXtTEPxURisD3DJ8lzA so now that I am back to my blog I need to ask myself a few questions.

Question 1 how often am I going to post. Now this is a question that is very important obviously I don’t want to post to much because I might fall behind or you might fall behind. If I post to little then my blog might start to get boring but this question is easy for me because I always go with once a week what day is the question now I am going to go with Friday.

Question 2 what am I going to post about. This question is tough and I have been trying to figure this out for 3 years and the answer comes from YouTube. When I got my first YouTube channel I started it as a gaming channel but there were other things I wanted do so I got a new channel called HowToDo but that channel didn’t work well for me. So I got another new channel magic me for that one I had high expectations but that channel didn’t get far either. So I got another new channel named The Activity for this YouTube channel I did a lot of research but the channel still didn’t go far but then I realized I can do what ever I want on one channel or in this case one blog.

So there you have it why I haven’t been making posts and what posts I am going to make. I hope you enjoyed bye.


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