The Jode Rectangle

Here is the first chapter of my self-made book The Jode Rectangle.

The Weird Man

Once upon a time there was a man A very weird man but still a man. Nobody really knows this man’s name even when people ask he never answers. This man was known because of his oddness his house he built himself. It’s a very boring house it is really just a square but it does have writing on it that just looked like random lines and shapes. Everywhere this man went people looked at him weird. Any children near him would get pulled away by their mother. The point is that this man is weird.

One day this weird man woke up looking very worried. Suddenly everyone that saw him made a surprised and confused face. Seeing as this man I normally happy nobody expected to see him worried. When people asked he never answered. Although this man didn’t seem to talk the last time this man talked was about 16 months ago. Everywhere this man went he had a worried face but this man did say something to one of the men who asked and he said “Tomorrow in the morning before you are awake I will start a journey to The Jode Rectangle” The man (not the weird man) interrupted “wait what is The Jode Rectangle” the weird man said “ I will get to that just hold on,” the weird man continued “at 5:00 today you will learn what The Jode Rectangle is” the man (again not the weird man) said “ how do you know” the weird man said “that information I will not give you” and the weird man walked away.


5 thoughts on “The Jode Rectangle

    1. jacksonmance Post author

      so next Saturday I will post chapter 2. If you think I should post more than once a week then let me know. I just don’t want to post so much that no one can keep up.

  1. kerry

    I read your first chapter and will email some editor comments. You are creative and keep up with your writing. I look forward to reading the other chapters.


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