The Jode Rectangle part 2

Here is chapter 2 of my self-made book The Jode Rectangle

The Journey

The next morning the man left to The Jode Rectangle. The man walked to the edge of town he turned around and looked at his city and said “good bye.” He went to a dock and bought a small bout and started paddling away. Meanwhile in the city there was some braking news it said “braking news 3 men have gone to this jungle and disappeared we have then sent 95 men in a bout and the bout and the men disappeared we then sent 2 men in a plane and both the plane and the men disappeared we are calling this jungle The Jode Rectangle.”

Meanwhile the weird man finally reached his destination when he reached the island they bumped into the island the weird man then heard someone say “oomph.” The weird man looked around his bout but all he could find was his big box of food and water suddenly someone jumped out of the food and water box. It was the man that the weird man told information to. “What are you doing here” the weird man asked “I wanted to know more about this Jode Rectangle you told me about oh and I would like to know what your name is can you please tell me and by the way I talk a lot anyways can you please tell me your name please I would love to know oh please oh please” the man (not the weird man) said “FINE my name is James” the weird man said “my name is Coocoo “the man (not James) said. “Coocoo what kind of name is that, who in the world named you” James said “me, I named myself” Coocoo said “ oh, now I get why your name is bad it is because you named yourself and you are bad” James said “don’t you think that is a little bit rude” CoocooHsaid “here I have an idea” James said “what” Coocoo said “it’s for you to GO HOME” James yelled “but I don’t want to” Coocoo said “you know what fine let’s go” James said “Ok” Coocoo said. So they were off. They were in the Jade Rectangle and everything was quiet there was not even a cricket to make a noise. The trees where old and creepy “I don’t like this place” Coocoo said in a scared tone “you’re not alone” James said. They kept walking they looked ahead and James said “Hey look this must be the way.” Up ahead there was dangling platforms hung by rope over what seemed to be a bottomless pit “nuh-uh I ain’t walking across that” Coocoo said “well then why don’t you just go home” James said “ok fine I will walk across Its just how do you know it won’t break” Coocoo said “I don’t” James said. So they walked across the dangling platforms James said “See there is nothing to worry abou” but before James could finish the platform they were on broke luckily James was able to grab Coocoo and the ground ahead “aaaaaa” Coocoo yelled “would you stop that is very annoying” James said “you know what I think is annoying falling” Coocoo yelled “calm down here let me pull you up” James said “ok… thanks” Coocoo said.[OLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKKN


3 thoughts on “The Jode Rectangle part 2

  1. kerry

    Careful with run on sentences because I get lost in what you are trying to say. So remember to use end of sentence punctuation and also new paragraphs with each new speaker. Keep on writing. You have a creative mind.

  2. Kerry

    on the platform they were on broke luckily? I got lost here?? Clue to bout? Boat. I am curious if as the story develops will the weird and voodoo descriptions and name be part of your story line somehow? Will the weird description and name voodoo be important to what happens in your story?? Time will tell.


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