The Jode Rectangle Chapter 3

The Secrets

“You know I never asked you,” Coocoo said “, why are we here” James replied “we are here because my ancestors told me to go here in a note. They told me to come here and get a great treasure” Coocoo said “oooooo sounds exciting” Coocoo continued “and that writing on you house” James said “the writing on my house is writing from our ancestors nobody knows what it says but we do know it is from our ancestors” Coocoo replied “oooooo.” They kept walking then James stopped and said “I think I see the treasure” up ahead was a beautiful hall way and at the end of the hall way was a treasure chest “must be” Coocoo said. So they went to the treasure chest opened the treasure chest and the treasure was a stick! “What… this is the treasure” James said. Then someone said “yup that is the treasure and you are my treasure” Suddenly the ground broke and they fell butt when they landed it knocked them unconscious. When they were conscious again they were tied up on in an underground base they were tied up on the roof of the base they looked around and saw a bout a plane and 100 men not including James and Coocoo. Coocoo pulled out a plate, a sandwich, and a knife. Coocoo cut his sandwich in half and started to eat the sandwich. “How can you be eating at a time like this” James said “hay it wasn’t my idea it was my tummy’s” Coocoo said. “Wait a minute we can use your knife to cut us free” James said “Sure” Coocoo said. So James grabbed the knife and cut Coocoo free then cut himself free they both fell to the ground of the base but they did not lose conscious this time. They found a door and went in once they went in they saw a man “hello” he said “I am who you call your ancestor” he continued “I am not actually your ancestor I am just a man named David Wasper” as soon as he said that James gasped and said “dad…. Is that you” David said “yes son it is me” James said “I don’t understand why did you tie me up” David answered “well I saw that your friend had a knife so I was trying to see if you were smart enough to figure out how to get down” James then asked “why did you tie up these other people” David answered “well they were trying to steel my stuff they were trying to steal this” David then pulled out a gold statue it was not big but it was a gold statue of one of their ancestors. In the end they untied all 100 people and they lived happily ever after.



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