via Daily Prompt: Volume

Hi, and  welcome to my post about today’s daily prompt: volume. Volume is another word for space basically. Volume is very often measured. Volume is the space that something takes up. If you have a truck with a volume of 50 inches then you can fit 2 boxes that have a volume of 25 inches. It can be very hard to measure volume. The most popular way of measuring volume is with square inches, square feet, and square yards.

Volume can also mean how loud a noise is. If something has a high volume that can mean that it is very loud. When you are listening to some music and you cant hear the music you increase the volume. If you are watching a movie and the movie is too loud you might decrease the volume.

So, that is all for my post on today’s daily prompt: volume. If you enjoyed this and want me to do more daily prompts then like the post and let me know in the comments.

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