The Beginning of the Dish and the Spoon Chapter 1 and 2

Hello, and welcome to the first post about my story “The Beginning of the Dish and the Spoon”. I will be posting a little bit of this story every week. Since some of the chapters are short. I will sometimes post more then one chapter in one post like today. I had my book revised by myself and my grandmother Kerry. So, without further ado lets begin.

Chapter 1 The Things you don’t know

You’ve heard of “Hey Diddle Didle.” It’s a famous story but do you ever wonder how the Dish and the Spoon are alive or how the cow jumped over the moon? Well I am going to tell you how, and in this book, we are going to talk about the Dish and the Spoon. Once upon a time in 1990 there was a restaurant called Zeporde (Z-ee-por-de) run by a man named Roto. Roto is a human. What is a human you ask? Humans are like sticks. They have 4 stick like things attached to them. They call their sticks arms and legs. They also have a ball at the top of them which they call a head. Humans also think they know more than they do. They don’t even know I am alive! Who am I you ask? I am a Dish. Humans eat food off me. My friend Fork knows a girl called Toilet. Fork says that the humans are horribly rude to toilet. The things that the humans do to toilet are so disgusting that I probably shouldn’t talk about it.

Chapter 2 Welcome to Zeporde

Dish was born in a factory. Everywhere Dish looked there were more Dishes. Dish was born on moving ground. The ground moved him into a truck. As soon as dish was put into the truck, the truck started to move. Eventually the truck stopped. Dish was carried out of the truck. Dish could see a big building up ahead. At the top of the building there was a big word that said Zeporde. Around the word there were bright and colorful flashing lights that seemed to be going the pattern red,
orange, blue, green! Dish was taken into the building. Then Dish was brought to a human. “Thank you,” The human said kindly. The man brought Dish to a kitchen. In the kitchen, there were men cutting things in halves using knives. Every time the humans would chop something they would hurt the knives. Dish was worried. One of the men then grabbed Dish and put Dish and a Spoon in a sink together. “Hey, you might want to close your eyes and mouth” the Spoon said. So, Dish did what he was told to do and just after that water started falling on Dish! Then a man cleaned Dish first, scrubbing Dish with a sponge, then spraying Dish with some water again, Finally the man grabbed a towel and dried dish off! Dish said “, Thank you.” Spoon replied, “Your welcome.” So, Dish and Spoon became friends.

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