Best Drawings of the Week!

Hi, today I’m going to show you all the drawings I’ve drew this week. I’ve been drawing as much as I could to make a ton of cool drawings for you. I will have a picture of every drawing and I will also explain every drawing.



Our first picture is called Basketball as you would expect. This is a picture of basketball. I didn’t know what to draw at all. So, it took me a long time to chose to draw a picture of basketball. The main reason I wanted too draw basketball is I wanted to try to glue the basketball onto the picture! I ended up doing that. I also wanted to make it look like the guy on the left was jumping. It was very hard doing that because I had to make shadows in order to do it.

4 In 1 


Next we have a picture that is actually 4 pictures! This is a picture of a village. What I did was I cut one piece of paper into 4 pieces. I drew this picture with my brother Maverick. I drew the bottom left and the top right. While my brother drew the bottom right and the top left. Maverick says that the bottom right is a farm, but I think that a farm looks a lot different then that. In my pictures I didn’t feel like drawing a ton of houses. So, I just drew a couple, but I made crazy things happening. As you can see Maverick made a ton of houses on the top left.



Here we have a round of Chaos I played. Chaos is a game I made myself. The way to play Chaos is very cool. In Chaos you must first build a house and a builder. Every window a house has is a person that lives in that house. A house doesn’t count unless it is connected to the road. You can make characters that battle, you can make archers, and you can make builders. If you are playing with another player then you can go to their town and destroy it. You can make hospitals too. after 15 seconds you can heal one player if you are in your village. You can’t make more players then you have windows. You want to try to make your town as beautiful as possible also. You can also make walls that can only be destroyed by bombs, bombs, science houses, army houses, and chests. In this picture you can see that I made an amazing base!

Chaos 2!!! 


This is another amazing game of Chaos except with different rules! This is Chaos Free-For-All! In this game you can make anything as long as it is in real life and you have the things you would need. In this round Maverick and I traded guys so, I have some of Mavericks guys on my wall. I put my archers on my wall so, Mavericks melee guys can’t get my archers, but the archers can get them! This was a crazy round as you can imagine. We ended up making men with canons and remote controlled planes with canons!

So, these were all the drawing I drew this week. I hope you enjoyed.


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