Kindergarten the Game

Hello, and welcome to this post. I have decided to make this post about a game that has become very popular in the last couple of weeks. I am making this post for no real reason except for the fact that I just want to make more posts. I want you to always be able to come to my blog and be entertained by a new post. So, let’s begin.

Kindergarten as everybody knows is where people 5 or 6 years old go for education. However, in the game Kindergarten there is a lot more going on. In Kindergarten you are a new kid and half the people there are obsessed with killing.

You start the game with $5 in your piggy bank. If you bring more then $3 to kindergarten then a bully sniffs and smells the money. Then he forces you to give him halve and if you don’t then he kills you. Even though the teacher is right there and sees him kill you, the teacher acts like she didn’t see anything.

Also, in Kindergarten the game there is a creepy janitor. The janitor is both insane and stupid! In the beginning of the game the janitor tries to sweep the sidewalk with a mop! If you tell the janitor what he is doing he will kill you! Then later in the game the janitor spells biscuit wrong and if you tell him he will kill you or whoever you claim said he spelled biscuit wrong.

You can also befriend characters in the game. You can also kill characters. So, that is some of the basic things about the new game that got very popular very quickly.

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