The Beginning of the Dish and the Spoon Chapter 3

Chapter 3 School

Now Dish has a friend named Spoon. Dish and Spoon were in the sink when a man picked Dish and Spoon up and set them down on a Dishrack. Then a bell rang. After the bell rang Spoon got up and started walking. “Where are you going?” Dish asked. “To school of course,” Spoon said. “You herd that bell right.” Dish nodded. Spoon continued, “Every time that bell rings we need to go to that gingerbread house.”
Spoon pointed at a big building made from nothing but candy! The walls were gingerbread, the roof had gumdrops decorating them, and the chimney had frosting all over it! The building had 4 chimneys and 6 windows on each side of the building. Dish and Spoon went to the front and saw that the door was a big beautiful door. The door looked like it was a door for a ginger bread man. Once Dish and Spoon went in they saw a bunch of kitchenware sitting in seats but there was a bowl in there that was standing holding a piece of chalk in front of a chalk board. “Hello, I am Bowl what’s your name?” the Bowl said to a Fork standing to Dishes left. Then a Fork said, “My name is Fork.” So, Bowl said, “ Fork you can sit right there,” as bowl pointed at a chair made of Hershey and KitKats. “This will be fun,” Dish said to himself. However, Dish was wrong and after about an hour Dish was bored, hoping he was almost finished. After about 6 hours, Dish was finished. “See you tomorrow,” Bowl said.


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