The Beginning of the Dish and the Spoon Chapter 4 and 5

Chapter 4 Santa Claus!

After school Spoon brought Dish to a drawer full of Spoons. “This is where I live,” Spoon said. Spoon walked over to another drawer and opened it. “And this is where you live,” Spoon said, “Well we better go to bed. Good night!” Dish replied, “Good night.”
So, Dish and Spoon went to bed. It was December 25. Dish and Spoon woke up and went to the gingerbread house but, when they got there, a big fat hole was in the roof. “What happened?” Dish asked. “It’s December 25.” Bowl continued, “Every year on December 24th, at night, a big man comes and gives all the humans presents, takes a bite of our gingerbread house, leaves a note, then finally he leaves out the chimney.” “What are we going to do?” Dish asked. “We will need to fix the house.” Bowl continued, “Since we don’t we don’t have a place to do school you can all take a break until we finish fixing the house.” Then a little girl came running in the room. So, Dish, Spoon, and Bowl hid in fear. She looked at the gingerbread house and smiled. “Santa came! Santa came,” she yelled with excitement. Then a chef came in the room. “Daddy, daddy look,” she said to the chef while pointing to the gingerbread house. “Santa came,” she said again. “That’s great,” the chef continued, “Let’s go tell mom.” “Sure,” the little girl replied. So, they both left the room.

Chapter 5 The Flumper

Now that Dish doesn’t have to go to the gingerbread house, Dish gets to have some fun. “So, what do you do for fun?” Dish asked.
“Well, there’s a flumper in the other room,” Spoon replied. “A flumper, what’s a flumper?” Dish asked. “Let me show you,” Spoon replied. Fork then went towards a big wood door that was made for humans. However, the door was too heavy for Dish and Spoon to open. “How are we going to open the door?” Dish asked. “We’re not. We’re going to open that door,” Fork answered while pointing towards a door just Dish and Spoon’s size! Spoon entered a room. The room had a big and beautiful Christmas tree. In the Room the walls were blue like the sky on a sunny day. The ceiling was a high as a human and a half! “What’s that?” Dish asked, while he pointed at the Christmas tree. “That is a flumper,” Spoon replied. “Let’s go,” Spoon said with excitement as Spoon ran over to the flumper while Dish followed. Once they arrived there was a bunch of stairs. Dish looked at the stairs in terror. “And this is the catch,” Spoon said. Dish and Spoon made it to the top tired and happy that they were finally at the top. They were panting as loud as a lion. “Finally,” Dish said. Once they got to the top there was a huge line. After about 20 minutes it was finally their turn. “Here I’ll show you how to do it,” Spoon said. Spoon then went down like you would with a slide except Spoon bounced down the leaves of the tree.
“That looks fun,” Dish thought. So, Dish sat down and rode his way down but every time he hit one of the leaves it hurt his bottom. Until finally he made it to the bottom. Dish looked forward and saw Spoon standing in front of him “Let’s go again,” Spoon said. “Sure,” Dish said. So, Spoon went to the flumper and Dish followed.


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