My December… So Far!!!

This December has so far been crazy! At the beginning of December I wasn’t excited or concerned about Christmas at all. I was all calm and collected not even thinking about Christmas until the first present went under the tree. Seeing a present under a Christmas tree must of woke my lazy brain up. After I was aware that Christmas was something I should be thinking about, I got tons of great ideas. I might of then been thinking about Christmas, but I still wasn’t actually getting things for Christmas. It’s like my brain now knew Christmas was coming, but didn’t want to set up any decorations.

Then later in December I was getting my school work done when by 6 year old brother Maverick got on amazon on his computer. I asked him if he was looking for gifts to give to his family, but he said he was looking for what he wants for himself. That was it. After I saw Maverick on amazon I immediately did the same. I think I looked for things to put on my wishlist for like three hours. I had trouble finding things that I wanted until I went into the 3D puzzles section. About 80% of the things in that section were Rubix cubes, which I already have a ton of. The other 20% were cool stuff. First I found a laser puzzle that I used to have. Then in the things that are alike section I found tons of cool games like this cool Code puzzle thing, a little red riding hood puzzle and game where you have to fit curvy lines in a grid. I think the best thing I found was a called Gravity Maze. Gravity Maze it a game where there are many block with different shapes on the insides. The instructions will tell you where to put the start and finish and the rest you have to figure out. The aim of the game is that you have to drop the ball through the start and it will bounce around and end up in the finish.

The next day I looked for gifts for other people I went through each section that I thought might have things that they would like. Finding something for dad was easy because I got him something that I was about to get him on his birthday, but didn’t. I found an AMAZING gift for mom when I was just scrolling around. I had trouble finding something for Maverick until I remembered a game that I wanted and got it for him. Now I don’t want you to think that I got it because I wanted it. If I was going to get something for myself I would have picked something else. I picked it because it was alike to another game that we have that Maverick LOVES. Last was Colton I asked Colton what he wanted and he said he wanted a race car thing. So, I got him this race car thing that I think he, Max, and Cody will like.

I got something for everybody who lives in the same house as me and there are now only five days until Christmas and I’m really wondering what I will get.


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