Who Is Samurai X?

Hello and welcome to my first theory video ever. I don’t know why I haven’t made a theory video before, seeing as I have LOVED theory videos and wanted to make some for YEARS! Anyway, today is the day that I do it! This is the day that I make my very first theory video.

Now, when I was thinking about what I would make a theory about, I immediately knew. I thought that I should make a video about what I know best. I thought that I should made a video about one of my favorite shows ever! LEGO Ninjago the series… I know that a lot of people probably don’t even know about this. Chances are, you either don’t know about it at all, or you only know about the movie, which may or may not be cannon, but that is a whole other video.

For those of you that don’t know, Ninjago the series is about four characters who learn to be ninjas and go on many crazy adventures. All of their adventures being, season one, their teacher’s brother who was made evil by being bitten by a snake. The brother was turned black and I mean his skin turned from pale to pitch black. The brother’s name was Garmadon who had a son named Lloyd who was evil and unleashed a bunch of evil snakes who unleashed the snake that bit Garmadon, who now had four arms. The snake was giant now and then the Ninja had to give Garmadon the legendary golden weapons so he would destroy the snake. Fwew and that was just season one. If I summarize the other seasons a bit better it will sound like this, Season two, Lloyd  turns good and defeats The Overlord to save Ninjago and turn Garmadon back to good. Season three, The overlord is still alive but in a hard drive, so the ninja have to defeat him again, but in the proses, Zane, one of the four ninja, dies, but then survives in a hard drive? Season three was very confusing. Season four a guy named master Chen starts a tournament and tries to unleash more snakes. Season five a past student of the ninja’s teacher comes back to life as a ghost and tries to unleash an army of ghosts. Season six there is a very clever genie who uses people’s wishes against them. The genie was probably my favorite character because he was so clever. Season seven time travelers try to take over the world and the ninja’s teacher gets lost in time.

In season seven Samurai X comes and helps. However, the identity of Samurai X is unknown and remains that way… until now! Today I will tell you who Samurai X is. Now first I will cross off some of the characters that we know aren’t Samurai X. We know that Nya isn’t Samurai X because she is the normal samurai and you see her standing next to Samurai X in the series. It also can’t be any of the villains turned good because all of the villains were eliminated. There are only one person who might be Samurai X, and that person is… Ronin. Now Ronin is a guy that was a bad guy that tried to capture the ninja and steal some stuff but has no interest in anything crazy like taking over the world. However, in season five, Ronin helps the Ninja defeat the ghosts because he doesn’t want them to destroy the world. However, I predict that Ronin decided to turn completely good and help the ninja by becoming Samurai X. I think this because Ronin is good at building seeing as he built an entire ship that flies and many traps. He also has the things necessary to build a Samurai suit in his shop, and lastly I think that Ronin could easily do the things that Samurai X does. I feel like Ronin was a great character, but was only in the show for a small period of time. One last thing… it is possible that Samurai X is actually… Master Wu, who, is the ninjas’ teacher. If you remember master Wu got lost in time, so he couldn’t be Samurai X. However, he got lost in time which means he could have been sent back in time to then turn in to Samurai X in the present. The only reason I don’t think this is the case is because Master Wu and very old and is always being told that he is getting worse at fighting because of his age. So, I don’t think Master Wu would be able to do the things Samurai X does. Anyways, that is all for this theory, tell me what you think in the comments down below and I hope to see you next time. Bye.


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