God’s Grass | Introduction

Before I begin, I want to inform you that this is not a theory video script, or at all related to theories. This is instead, a new type of blog post. This is a blog post where I just talk about things that I think you might want to read. These types of blog posts are focused on teaching you. I hope that from the blog posts I will be posting from here on out, will teach you many things. In this post I am here to teach you a bit about success and how to achieve it. You don’t however, have to listen to anything I say. I haven’t achieved success in life, I haven’t become the man of my dreams, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I have learned many things from talks and books, and now I wan’t to teach you the things that I have learned, and today I will teach you, by using grass.

Grass is one of the first things to appear on land. It covers most of the ground’s surface, causing the ground to sometimes seem green. Often there is so much beautiful  grass covering the ground, that you can’t see the brown dirt under it. Grass came straight from God, and is more alike to you then you might think. As weird as it may sound, the green lines that grow from the ground, that is known as grass, is very alike to you.

As I mentioned, grass was made directly by God. It was made by God in the same way that that we were made directly by God. Both the grass and us, were made directly by god, which marks the first similarity, in the same way that when the first evening passed and the first morning came, marks the first day.

Another similarity, is that grass was grown from the ground. The grass starts in the dirt, then it grows high above it and turns into the green grass we all know and love. Just as grass grows from the ground, humans came from the dust.

Genesis 2:7 of the Bible says, “Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.”

As you can see there are some similarities between us and the grass. I know what you’re thinking though.

You’re thinking that, “So what if both the grass and me were made directly by God and came from the ground. It’s not like it matters.” and you are you are right.

Although these facts aren’t important, there are others that are. There are tons of similarities between us and the grass, but instead of the others being about things that aren’t very helpful or important, the other facts are things that you can learn from and have a better future because you know them. If you listen to the other facts, you will learn a lot about what to do to ensure that you live a happy future. In later posts, I will tell you about the many other facts, but next time, they will be helpful.

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked the post, and if you did, please like the post and of course follow my site if you are crazy and haven’t all ready. If you some how didn’t like the post, tell me in the comments what I could do to make my posts better. Remember to return to my blog to see more crazy things! I hope you return! Bye!




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