The Need For Courage

We all need courage. Most of us need courage more than we realize, assume that  courage is over rated, or only in the movies, but the truth is that courage is very important and should be used every day. Although you may not use courage in your life currently, if your want to achieve your dream life, you will need courage. Courage is what picks you up when your on the ground, it keeps you moving instead of fearing failure.

When I talk about courage I mean real courage. There is a big difference between the courage to eat another slice of cake when your feeling sick, or crossing into private property when you know you shouldn’t, then the courage to get out of our bed when your know you’ll have a rough day. When you have the “courage” to do bad things and disobey your gut, is not real courage, but is what I like to call “corrupt courage”. Corrupt courage is simply disobedience and betrayal to your body. Corrupt courage is when you ignore your gut and your mind and instead act for your own entertainment. You do whatever you want to do and then blame it on courage by saying that you were just being courageous. When your gut is telling you not to do something, or your stomach is telling you not too eat more cake, you need to listen to those feelings in order to make the right decision.

When I say courage, I am talking about the type of courage that keeps you moving. Let’s imagine you want to become fit and you claim you can’t do it. You try to go on a diet and exercise, but give up every time. What you need is courage. If you are on a treadmill, and you are tired and about to give up, you have to make the decision that will change your out come. You can give up and remain out of shape and dream of becoming fit every day, or you can use courage to keep running and become one step closer to becoming the person of your dreams.

Everyone will need courage for different reasons. Some people may need courage to become a engineer, artist, or almost anything. For example, in my journey to become a book author, I will get many rejections to my books and I will need the courage to continue writing even though I was rejected.

We need courage, it keeps us going and leads us to success. We need to listen to our gut and work for what we want. You will get rejected, you will fail, and you will get tired, but it is your choice to stay or leave, to follow your dreams or not, and to succeed or fail. In the determination of if you succeeded or failed, it will be undermanned by if you followed your gut, had courage, and did some other things that I will talk about in future posts. For now enjoy your week and have courage. Bye!


One thought on “The Need For Courage

  1. Munka kerry

    Thoughtful description of courage. Sadly too many use corrupt courage instead of real courage because it is a path of least resistance. 😀


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