What do we all want in life? What is our goal? While some of us may answer that with things like, “All I want is to help my heavenly father, the lord God” or “All I want is to give my children the best life they can possibly have”, the truth is that all of us want to be happy. Maybe we do want to help other people, but that is what you want for other people. What you want for yourself is happiness.

Why do you think that people want lots of money? Do you think it’s so they can give it all away to charity? They want the money because they think it will give them happier lives. They think that the number one cause of happiness, is entertainment. People want to money to purchase many games and other things that entertain them. They want to buy entertainment for themselves. When they were just a little kid you learned that entertainment brings happiness. Ever since they learned that as a kid, they have believed in it ever since.

Most of the time, the people that want money the most, don’t get it. The people that  want money like it’s a chocolate cake, are instead given low money like a bucket of broccoli. Just like how cake is bad for you, money can be too. The reason the people that the people that chase after money don’t get any, is because they will get the greed sickness and won’t use the money wisely. Just like how a bucket of broccoli is good for you, low money can be too! If you have low money, you learn to become a better person.

People who want money too much, don’t work. They want money, but don’t put time into getting it. They want the money/cake so bad that they get lazy/fat just from thinking about it. People who don’t act like animals, work hard and get the money that they want. The people who don’t act like animals however, don’t want the money that much, they only want to be happy. They use positive thinking to grow in happiness and get work done at the same time.

Even with out money, the civilized people are happy. How do they do it? How are they always so happy? They have positive thinking and things like that, but what they have most of all, is responsibility. I don’t mean the responsibility to take care of a pet, I mean the responsibility to blame themselves. They never blame anyone else for their actions. In ever situation they tell themselves “This is my fault.” Even in situations where it isn’t their fault like when an earth quake hits, they still take responsibility. They take responsibility because the number one cause of unhappiness, is hatred/the need for revenge. When you are mad at something else, you get to one of the highest levels of anger possible.

If you want to be happy and live the best life possible, listen to me now. You need responsibility. If you blame something or someone else for something bad that happened, you will begin living a dreadful life. So, be responsible, and come back to by blog next Saturday because, I will post on this blog every Wednesday and Saturday. Bye!


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