God’s Grass | Second Place

Do you remember my talk about responsibility and how the main thing that everybody wants in life is happiness. If you didn’t, then you should definitely go back a read it, but if you did then sit back and enjoy this post.

Everybody wants to be happy. One of the main ways to become happy is to achieve your goals. Everyone has goals and want to complete them a more then almost anything. You could also call your goals, your dreams. Ether way, goals and dreams are what are on your must do list and are very much wanted to be completed.

What if you don’t complete your goals though? What if you simply can’t do it? It’s simple, if you can’t complete your goals, you have the wrong goals. Although you can’t always control whether you complete your goals, you can control what your goals are.

You might think that your dreams are your dreams, your goals are your goals, and you can’t just change what you want most, and while that is true, there is a difference from wanting something because it’s your dream, and wanting something because of greed. Let’s imagine somebody wants to be an artist. They dream of becoming the number one artist in the world. They want it more then anything. They work and work until he the third best artist in the world according to public reviews. After even more drawing he still can’t become number one and complete his dream. He grows in anger from no completion and failure until he realizes, there is no reason to become the best artist in the world and all he wanted deep down inside was to be a great, famous artist. So, he changed his goals and had already completed it.

You don’t need to be the best. You need to set reasonable goals so that you can complete them and grow happy. Some people even make multiple small goals that way they continue to grow happy.

One way to think of the world, is like a field of grass.When you look at multiple blades of grass, you can see that some blades of grass are taller then others. If you think of the grass as people’s success chart, you can see that some people are successful than others. That doesn’t matter though. Even if you are the smallest blade in the field, you are still real grass, unlike the short fake grass I have in my back yard. You are real, successful, and pure. You may not be the most best, but you are still successful. What is better is that you are always growing, unlike fake grass, you never stop.

Remember to come back next Wednesday! Bye!



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