The Reward of Failure

What do you think when you see a professional or world champion. What do you think when you see a rich or famous person? Do you think about how lucky he is, or do you think about how much work he put into becoming who he is? Now a days, people seem to think that success is up to luck and chance. People seem to think that success is not a choice made by you, but a chance made by destiny. The truth is that success is up to you, and you need to chose whether your going to do it or not.

There is a thing called cause and effect, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. Although you might know what cause ad effect is, you need to know what it means and when it is used. Many of the common answers to what cause and effect is, are things like “cause and effect is when one thing causes another to happen”. Those answers are true, but they don’t mean much to you. To most people that is simply another thing you learn is school or another fun fact, but the truth is that if you want to achieve success, you should learn more about it.

The way I explain it is that cause and effect is when you do work and you get an outcome. Almost nothing is actually up to luck. If you want to achieve success you need to find what work you need to put in. You need to know what to do, and then to actually do it. You need to get off your butt, and get some work done. From now on, when you look at a successful man or woman, you think about how much work they do and how impressive it is that they did it all. Then after looking at someone else, look at yourself and imagine you achieve success. Finally, and most importantly, turn your imagination into you life and become the person you imagined.

It is as easy as one, two, three! All you have to do to achieve success, is work and never give up. Think of life like a huge bike ride. In the beginning, you can’t ride your bike, then you use your training wheels, who resemble your parents when you are a child, next you take them off and try to bike all by yourself. The thing is that you are going to crash though! You are going to want to give up, but must chose not to. This is talked over in “Courage”, which is another post I made that you should check out.

The main question is, “Why didn’t you give up?”. There is one very good answer to this question. The main reason people don’t give up, is because they don’t want to be a failure. If you are on a soccer team and you are almost never getting to play because you suck at the game, you might go home and practice until you become the world champion! Many successful people say that they desired to work and not give up, because they didn’t want to suck or be losers.

Now however, there are many things blocking people from feeling this way. People now get participation trophies and ceremonies for moving up a single grade! Now they get a pat on the back if they fail! Because of this, people don’t feel like they suck and don’t try to change it. They are told they they did great and are awesome because they arrived to the game. People now get the reward of failure.

People need to be taught that there is a regret in failing. People need to be taught that there is a consequence. People need to be taught not to lose. People need to be taught to practice for a win. People need to be taught to work for a chance of success.


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