Personal Lies

Quick answer these questions! How fit are you? How much money do you make? Are you good at your jog? Do you like your job? Now, think back on those questions. Did you lie to any of them?

Your brain has to chose who to believe, but above all people it chooses to believe you. Your brain will believe you more than it will believe its self. That is why you mustn’t lie to yourself no matter what.

Did you know that if you say the same thing over and over, you will believe it. If you have the best day ever, but say it was the worst day ever, you might believe it. If you say that you are the worst,  you might believe it. If you say that you don’t need to work because you are so good at what you do, you might believe it. The point is that the things we say, can change the way we think. Words and thoughts are incredibly powerful and can change your life. Some people believe in complete positive thinking, while others believe in only hatred. What you think, shapes your personality.

The most common lie that people tell themselves is that they don’t have to work. People tell themselves that it will get done its self, you’ll get it done later, or that you already did it. Some people tell themselves that they are already doing it when they’re not. For a long time, I told myself that I am getting work done every day, all day and that it the way it should be, but the truth is, that isn’t true. Eventually, I learned that I was lying and made my life much easier. That’s right, after lying for a long time, I forgot that it was a lie and actually believed it!

That is why some author suggest not sharing that you’re making a new book until it is done because if you tell, you may trick your brain into thinking that it is done. Your brain gets the same happy feeling when you tell of your book, as when someone reads it.

The point is that you mustn’t lie because lying can ruin your life. Take my advise, please!



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